Sump Pumps in Ajax, Ontario

For sump pump services that don't disappoint, choose Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services, proudly serving Ajax, ON, and other parts of Southern Ontario.

Sump pumps are one of the best ways to protect your property from flooding. If you want one installed or need your existing unit serviced, Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services is the team to call.

Our licensed and experienced technicians will come to your home or office to assess your needs and recommend the best solution. Like many in Ajax, Ontario, you can count on us for all your plumbing needs, big and small!

We recommend reading our past reviews to see how we consistently provide fast response times, upfront pricing, and clean, courteous service.

Why Get a Sump Pump Installation

Even if your property doesn't lie in a flood-prone area, a sump pump can come in handy during periods of heavy rain or rapid snowmelt. Installing one for your home or office also offers other benefits like:

  • Cheaper insurance premiums: Some insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders who have sump pumps.
  • Lower risk of mould: Mould and mildew thrive in wet environments. By keeping your basement or crawl space dry, you can prevent the growth of these harmful organisms.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Do your indoor spaces feel stuffy? A sump pump can help minimize humidity levels, bringing fresher air throughout your property.
  • Pest infestation prevention: Roaches, rats, and other pests are also attracted to moist environments. A sump pump will make your property less inviting to these unwanted guests.

If you're interested in getting a sump pump for your property, contact us. We'll be happy to come over, assess your needs, and provide a free quote.

Call Us When You Need Sump Pump Repair in Ajax and Pickering

Always check your sump pump before the rainy or snow season to ensure it is in good working order. Call us immediately if you notice any leaks, strange noises, or other problems. We'll send a technician to your property as soon as possible to diagnose and fix the problem.

Some common sump pump problems we often encounter include:

  • Limited unit capacity
  • Pump failure
  • Float switch issues
  • Clogged intake
  • Power loss
  • Blocked discharge line

If you're dealing with an urgent plumbing issue, contact us. We offer 24/7 service with no after-hours fees, so rest assured that help is on the way.

Invest in Sump Pump Maintenance

Avoid costly damage and guarantee the longevity of your sump pump with regular maintenance. Our team can clean, inspect, and test your unit to ensure it functions correctly. We'll also provide industry-leading warranties on products and labor, giving you complete peace of mind.

We at Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services are a family-owned and operated company that continues to grow thanks to the referrals of our satisfied clients. We proudly serve Ajax, Ontario, and nearby areas like Port Perry and Whitby. If you're ready to experience the Sewer Squad difference, call 647-492-3944 today.