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Professional Drain Cleaning & Repair Services in Markham

Professional Drain Cleaning & Repair Services in Markham

Sewer Squad is your source for drain repair, drain cleaning and drain maintenance. With over 15 years of experience in the business, we have made our mark as an experienced, trusted company in the industry.Sewer Squad is proud to be one of the best drainage companies around. We offer our quality drain services in Markham and surrounding cities. We understand that drains can fail anywhere at any time, which is why we are committed to providing around the clock, efficient services.

Drains don’t only break down within business hours, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency services — that’s right, even if you’re faced with a major plumbing issue on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, you can call us, and we’ll be there as soon as possible — we won’t even charge overtime fees!

Drainage issues are inconvenient as is, so why would we inconvenience you even more? We’re here to rectify the situation as quickly, efficiently and cleanly as possible.

You can rest easy knowing that when you enlist our drainage services, we will use drop sheets while we work and always clean up before we leave.

As drain experts, we are experienced in a wide variety of drainage situations. If you are searching for any of these services in the Markham area, be sure to get in touch:


Expert Drain Repair Services in Markham

When it comes to drain repair, it’s best to leave things to the professionals — Sewer Squad offers expert, local drain repair services in Markham. We are well aware of all the different drains in your home, and the different issues that they can face.

When you think about all the things that you put down your drains — hair product, food, etc — it’s not surprising that clogs and buildups occur. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how effective your food stopper or the hair collector in your shower is. Things always find their way into drains, and when they do it’s important to be aware of it.

Whether you have a clog, buildup, a crack or a leak, Sewer Squad is equipped with the necessary experience, knowledge and resources to help rectify your situation.

We know that a lot can go wrong with a drain, which is why we are prepared to do any drain repair regardless of how small or big the job may be. We offer professional repairs for the following:

  • • Kitchen Pipe
  • • Main Drain
  • • Toilet Drain
  • • Drain Pipe
  • • Sink Drain
  • • Shower Drain
  • • Bathtub Drain
  • • Drain Leak
  • • Clogged Drain

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Do You Need Your Drains Cleaned in Markham? 

If you’re hearing gurgling noises from your drain, noticing black particles or sink bubbles, or find that your water is running slower than usual, it’s time to get your drain cleaned.

Like the rest of your home, your drains require regular maintenance. You don’t want to wait until you have enough hair to make a wig stuck in your drain — it’s best to clean your drain before that much buildup occurs.

If you have drains that need cleaning in Markham, it’s time to call Sewer Squad — don’t wait until you have a big drainage issue on your hands.

If you don’t get your drain cleaned, you risk clogs, build-ups, corrosion, nasty smells, or general drainage issues. If you want your water to drain properly instead of backing up, look after your drains.

Prevent drain problems by being diligent about your drain cleaning. Healthy pipes will function the way they are supposed to and cleaning them just improves their lifespan.

Sewer Squad is committed to keeping your space clean when we clean your drains, which is why we use drop sheets and always tidy up after ourselves when we get the job done. Get in touch with us today.

Get Your Sump Pump Installed

Due to the major technological advances plumbing has seen in the past decade, if you have an older home that doesn’t have a sump pump, cities offer rebates to cover the cost of installing the system.

Sump pumps divert water from your home, which is why Sewer Squad provides local sump pump installation in Markham.

The pump, usually located in your basement, effectively pumps out any surface water (groundwater, surface water etc.) to prevent it from getting into your basement or the foundation of your home.

This system is especially important to have in the case of extreme weather conditions like rain storms.

If you’re considering installing a sump pump in Markham, it’s important to be aware of the rebate offered by the city — especially if your basement has flooded in the past.

The City of Markham’s Markham Home Flooding Protection rebate program will cover up to $5000 of a sump pump installation to help homeowners improve their property’s plumbing.

The program has been put in place to financially aid neighbourhoods where stormwater and wastewater systems haven’t been designed with modern standards in mind. The rebate covers:

  • • Sump Pump Installation
  • • Backwater Valve Installations
  • • Weeping Tile Redirections & Disconnections
  • • Storm & Sanitary Drain Repairs

Before getting the rebate, you need to submit a building permit application to the City, which is issued by the Building Department. The good news? When you enlist our help, we take care of the permit and all related paperwork.

To be eligible for the Markham rebate, you must:

  • • Sign the release form
  • • Have a home connected to the sewer system
  • • Disconnect any downspouts from the City Sewer System
  • • Obtain necessary permits
  • • Have no outstanding tax payments, municipal fines or fees.
  • • Be free of work orders, contraventions or any remaining municipal requirements
  • • Ensure your new installation is in compliance with the Building Code Act

We Replace Your Drains! 

With 106,131 households in Markham and counting, there are a lot of drains in the city that could require replacing. We offer expert drain replacement services, because we know that replacing your drain is more often a reaction to a drainage issue than a planned-out service.

The city is built on old clay pipes that tend to break and leak easily. Between root intrusion and being susceptible to breaks, these drain pipes don’t stand much of a chance. Our 24/7 emergency services make it possible for us to replace your drain anywhere, at any time.

Have peace of mind that when we replace your drain, we will swap out your old clay pipe for a new one that can better resist the pressures that usually result in cracks and leaks. Plus, your new pipe will come with a 25-year warranty.

If your pipe is shifted, broken or cracked, don’t wait for a leak to turn into a flood — call us right away to replace your drain pipe. When drain pipes don’t function the way they are supposed to, they can leave you with some nasty drain problems to solve. We are happy to provide you with crack-free pipes that will help keep your space clean and fresh.

Trenchless Pipe Bursting in Markham

If you have pipes that are collapsed, corroded or root infested, it’s time to replace your drain pipe. Drain replacement seems like a big, messy job but we offer trenchless pipe bursting in Markham to ensure that your drain is replaced efficiently with minimal mess.

Once upon a time, replacing your drain pipe meant uprooting your entire landscape to excavate and swap out your old drain pipe for a new one. Nowadays, trenchless technology has provided us with an entirely new strategy.

Trenchless pipe bursting only requires two small holes, one of which allows us to insert your new pipe into the old pipe, then burst the old pipe open to leave just the shiny new one standing. The quick and painless process that utilizes hydraulics both saves you time and the cost of restoring your landscaping.

The good news is that the city offers a $2000 rebate for trenchless pipe replacement, as well as a $1750 rebate for the installation of a backwater valve. The city is committed to helping you improve your home’s plumbing so that you can protect your residence from any extraordinary circumstances like extreme weather conditions.

In a Bind? Learn About Our Emergency Services

If you have an emergency drainage issue, utilize our emergency issues to ensure the problem gets addressed as soon as possible. Just give us a call and we will be at your place in no time to assess the situation. Christmas Day, New Year’s Day — we have experienced technicians available to come help you out at any time.

As a fair, cost-effective company we won’t charge you overtime fees — after all, it’s not your fault if your pipe bursts outside business hours or on a holiday.

Fixing drain problems shouldn’t have to break the bank. These issues are inconvenient as is, so we strive to make the problem-solving process as seamless as possible for you.

Be Part of Our Squad:

Join our squad today! With over a decade of experience under our belt, we know what we are doing and are prepared to handle any drainage situation.

From drain cleaning to drain repair to drain replacement to sump pump installation, whatever you need done we are happy to help. We also offer additional services, which include:

If you require any of our services, be sure to give us a call at 416-571-8499 or book an appointment online.

When your appointment is booked you will get an email and text with a profile of the technician, we are sending to you, as well as their GPS location so you’ll know how far away they are and when they will get to you. It’s exactly what it sounds like — Uber, but for your drains!