Root Intrusion in Hamilton, Ontario

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Do you have any trees growing on your property? While they provide beauty and shade, their roots can invade your sewer line and wreak havoc, causing a blockage or break.

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What Is Root Intrusion?

Trees and other plants' roots seek water and nutrients, which they absorb through their tiny root hairs. As these roots spread, they can crack or break sewer pipes, blocking flow and causing backups. In some cases, the roots may even grow inside the sewer line and create a blockage.

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Tackling Tree Root Intrusion

Depending on the size and location of the roots, our team will use one or more of these techniques to remove them:

  • Root cutting: We use a motorized auger with a cutting blade to penetrate and chop the roots. Our experts generally use this method for minor to moderate invasions.
  • Hydro jetting: Hydro jetting is a non-invasive solution that uses a highly pressured stream of water to remove the roots and any other debris in your sewer line. It's an effective way to clean the entire line, not just the blockage.
  • Chemical removal: We utilize foaming root killers to coat your sewer lining and eliminate any remaining growths. It can also help prevent future root intrusion.

After removing the invasive growth, our licensed and experienced plumbers will repair any damage to your sewer line and assess the condition of your pipes. If necessary, we'll recommend pipe relining or replacement.

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Preventing Future Root Intrusions

If you don't want to deal with tree roots again, take these measures to prevent them from growing into your sewer line:

  • Install a root barrier: A root barrier is a physical barrier placed around the sewer line that prevents roots from growing toward it.
  • Invest in a root inhibitor: We can apply a chemical solution to the soil around your sewer line that will kill nearby roots or prevent them from spreading further.
  • Get regular sewer inspections: The best way to prevent significant problems is to catch them early. That's why we recommend getting a professional assessment at least once a year.

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