New Zealand, a nation with a strong gambling history and culture that has been chronicled since the 1830s, is seeing a surge in online gaming. Until practically all forms of gambling were outlawed, horse racing was the sport that New Zealanders were most interested in. Like their Australian counterparts, New Zealanders spend the majority of their money on pokies these days. Lottery results and casino games come in at a somewhat lower rate. According to estimates, 80% of all New Zealanders currently indulge in or have previously engaged in gambling of some kind. What is the current state of New Zealand's live dealer casinos?

Your possibilities for playing casino games may be limited if you reside somewhere other than Dunedin, Christchurch, Auckland, Hamilton, or Queenstown. Perhaps this is the reason why there are more live casinos in New Zealand. They are the greatest and simplest method for the majority of Kiwis to enjoy the thrill of a casino. Even better, the experience is delivered directly to your computer or phone, wherever you are, whenever you want.

You can discover helpful information on anything related to live casino in New Zealand at We'll go through where to search, how to discover the greatest deals, and some activities to play while you're there.

The Benefits of Playing at NZ Live Online Casinos

If you're a casino player from New Zealand, you can relax knowing that we only choose the most reliable companies who hold licenses from some of the biggest gaming regulators on the planet.

Live casinos in New Zealand have a wide selection of live dealer games that are aired from all around the world.

NZ live casino sites are a terrific alternative for anybody from New Zealand since they include bonuses that are accessible in local currency and localized banking choices!

Available New Zealand Live Casinos Game Types

No game is out of reach for New Zealand bettors since they are free to play the entire range of games provided by well-known live dealer casino websites. Players from New Zealand, for instance, may access some of the most well-liked games from renowned software developers like Evolution. This implies that over time, the greatest industrial titans will control the majority of the market.

Take a look, for instance, at the live table games that Kiwis enjoy playing the most at This list provides important information about the local preferences based on data from the top live casino sites in New Zealand. If you're new to live online gambling, these fantastic games might be a terrific place to start.

As you can see, Kiwis also like to experiment with novel and fun concepts, such as playing live craps. Also, live slot machines are in high demand. Live slot play is currently very hard to come by. Even while some businesses have made progress, live casino gambling is still a relatively new and undeveloped idea. The release of Evolution's Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live, for instance, might cause fresh reverberations throughout the sector.

With all of these in mind, choose which live casino games to play in New Zealand is challenging. It is evident that Kiwis have a wide range of tastes. But first, let's quickly go through the top live casino games available in New Zealand. There is much more to learn, but gaining a clear overview of what is available is a terrific starting point.


Roulette is a perennial favorite since it dominates every industry in which it is available. Kiwis, though there are many, are particularly fond of Evolution's live roulette games. Yet, it's crucial to remember that there are several variations and tastes of live roulette available. There are several options, ranging from traditional wheels delivered straight from the casino floor to contemporary, supercharged variations like Lightning Roulette.


Blackjack live is one of the more unique and imaginative live gaming markets. Only spectacular games presented by live dealers are available at the top live blackjack websites, which are offered by the finest in the field. There are many options to choose from, ranging from unique side bets and features to multiplayer variations like common draw blackjack. The objective of the game is to beat the dealer by getting as near to 21 as you can, regardless of the variation you ultimately choose.

Particular Games

Despite the fact that many Kiwis like to play live baccarat and other traditional games, Specialty Games dominate the industry. Any offer that doesn't adhere to the main categories of live casino gambling falls under this wide category. These days, the business provides a wide variety of unusual experiences, from craps to money wheels and live slots. All of the few live pokies games available in New Zealand fall under this heading.

Rules and Regulations of Casino with Live Dealers

Regulation of Internet Gambling in New Zealand

The Remote Interactive Gambling Act was approved by the New Zealand government in 2003. While being primarily intended for both computers and phones, this law is the principal one regulating online gambling today. According to the Act, gambling is not permitted anywhere in the nation when done via a communication equipment such a phone or computer. To be clear, it is illegal to provide such services—not use them.

Gambling that is done remotely and interactively within New Zealand is not prohibited; only gambling that is done internationally is. If the website is based overseas, it is not against the law for someone in New Zealand to gamble there. Naturally, this implies that the nation cannot also provide legal protection to anybody doing so. Fairness is instead assured by the location of the casino's base of operations' legal system. In other words, you shouldn't be concerned if an offshore casino has a reliable license like the UKGC or MGA.

When it comes to the Gambling Act of 2003, its main goals are to protect the national community's interests and reduce the harm caused by problem gambling.

Important information about New Zealand live online casinos

In New Zealand, it's against the law to provide remote interactive gaming. Simply put, it implies that it is illegal to run an internet casino in New Zealand. Nonetheless, there are certain exceptions, like the National Lottery and others.

This does not, however, imply that you are not allowed to gamble as a client. In reality, you are free to play live casino games at any offshore casino in New Zealand. The drawback is that some individuals may be concerned about the lack of a local license due to the possibility of misuse by dubious websites. You'll be alright, though, as long as you only use trustworthy websites that have licenses from organizations like the UKGC or MGA.

New Zealand has one of the lowest rates of problem gambling in the world by global standards. The grant-based strategy of managing problem gambling has shown to be quite successful, with a rate of just 0.2% as of 2018.

Organizations that deal with compulsive gambling receive more than 75% of their money directly from gaming companies. In summary, New Zealand boasts one of the world's most robust domestic gaming sectors. Earnings in the industry have been steadily increasing, although problem gambling is still under control.

National data show that in New Zealand, there are almost as many males as women who bet. This also differs from the averages for the world, where males tend to make up the majority.

Moreover, approximately 40% of gamblers claimed that social factors are what drive them to play. There are several methods to connect with dealers and other players from across the world on New Zealand live casino websites.

Questions about New Zealand Live Dealer Casinos

Online gambling is legal in New Zealand?

Online gambling is legal for New Zealanders. Nonetheless, it is illegal to provide remote gambling services in the nation, according the Gambling Act of 2003. This only indicates that Kiwis are limited to utilizing illegal domestic gaming sites.

What New Zealand live online casino is the safest?

It would be challenging to single out a certain casino as the "safest." especially with all the competitors in the area. Nonetheless, according to New Zealand legislation, residents are free to register with practically any online casino worldwide. We advise reading the evaluations of our top 10 live casinos if security is your main priority. Pay close attention to elements like data encryption, licensing, security, and licensing. This should direct you to the most secure live casinos in New Zealand available online.

Can you play real-time pokies online?

True, although it's not a very well-developed subset of live casino games. You can play pokies live in certain live slots games, however how these elements are implemented might vary substantially. You can find several examples in this post.

Does New Zealand provide live casino no deposit bonuses?

These deals are few and few between these days, and they frequently don't work with real-time table games. No deposit casino deals are often time-limited promos at New Zealand casinos. The top casino bonuses in New Zealand are included in the section above on bonuses. If there are any new no-deposit deals, we'll update it right away.

Do casinos exist in New Zealand?

As was already said, New Zealand is not a permissible location for online casinos. Yet, there are a number of physical casinos spread out around the nation. The largest chain of physical casinos, Sky City has locations in Auckland, Hamilton, and Queenstown. The Grand Casino Dunedin and the Christchurch Casino are further casinos.