Mississauga Kitchen Sink & Tap Installation

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Most of your home’s plumbing is tucked away behind the walls and underground. Having reliable fixtures not only makes your life more convenient, but it can also improve the quality of your water.

Whether it’s time to upgrade your kitchen sink, install a new bathroom, or silence that ever-dripping faucet, the experts at Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services have you covered. For over two decades, we’ve served the residents of Mississauga and beyond with affordable residential plumbing. Call us when you need kitchen sink repair, faucet repair, sink installation, or fixture replacement today.

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Mississauga Kitchen Sink Repair

Are you using the same sink that came with the house when you bought it? If the answer is “yes”, then get to know these signs that say it needs repairing or replacing.

  • Drain Problems: As sinks and drains age, there are a variety of things that go down the drain. And while you may have had a clog or two to deal with, if you notice your sink draining more and more slowly, it means it’s time to replace it.
  • Mould: Another reason to consider replacing that old sink is that you have mould and mildew growth. If you don’t clear away mould quickly, it can spread throughout the house and cause respiratory issues for people in your family.
  • You Want to Sell the House: If you want to sell your house, one of the best things you can do to woo potential buyers is to update the fixtures in the kitchen and particularly the bathroom. Many people consider the bathroom to be one of the most important rooms in the house and will scrutinize it when considering making a purchase. If your bathroom and kitchen sinks are worn and outdated, consider upgrading before listing your home for sale.
  • Modern Amenities: If you have old faucets and sinks, you may want some of the amenities that come with modern fixtures such as hands-free operation and internet connectivity.

If you think it’s time to repair or replace your sink, contact the experts at Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services for a consultation.

Plumbing Fixture Replacement & Installation

Replacing an old sink or fixture is an inexpensive way to add beauty and functionality to your home. The expert plumbers at Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services are ready to help with whatever plumbing project you need. Here are just a few of the kinds of plumbing fixtures we install:

  • Kitchen Tap Fixture Installation: Maybe you just bought a new sink and want the perfect faucet to match. Or, maybe you want to install a garbage disposal or ice maker to make life in the kitchen more convenient. Whatever you need, Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services can do the job professionally and at a price, you can afford.
  • Bathroom Plumbing Fixture Installation: There are several fixtures to consider in the average bathroom, including the sink, tub, shower, and toilet. Whether you need to replace one of these fixtures or want to convert one, our crew has the expertise to get the job done right the first time.
  • Laundry Fixture Installation: You can make life in the laundry room more pleasant by upgrading to a new utility sink and faucet.

Whatever plumbing project needs done, you can count on Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services.

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What Causes Faucets to Leak?

Faucets are indispensable pieces of your home’s plumbing system, which is why you must keep them in proper working condition. A leaky faucet can not only test your sanity with the constant dripping, but it will also drain your wallet in higher water bills. There are many reasons why a faucet might leak, but here are the most common:

  • O Ring Problem: Stem screws hold the faucet’s handle in place, and attached to the stem screw is a disc called a O ring. This O ring can loosen or wear out over time causing the faucet to leak around the handle.
  • Corroded Valve Seat: The valve seat connects the faucet and the spout in the compression mechanism. When water-sediment accumulates in the valve seat, it corrodes causing leaks.
  • Worn Out Washer: One of the most common causes of leaking faucets is a worn-out washer. The washer pushes against the valve seat every time you use the faucet, and over time, this constant usage wears it out.

If you have a leaking faucet that’s driving you crazy and making your water bills skyrocket, call the experts at Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services for help.

Whether it’s a tap repair, tap installation, leaky faucet repair or new sink installation, Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services has you covered. Call today in the Mississauga area at 289-203-8175.