Oshawa Main Sewer Line Installation

When you fail to fix problems in your main sewer line, you put your home and property at risk for significant damage. If you suspect an issue with your sewer line, call the experts at Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services ASAP.

Your main sewer line is crucial to your home because it’s the pipe by which wastewater is removed from your home. Too often, however, homeowners only become aware that there’s a problem when it’s too late to fix it. Oshawa, ON residents can depend on the experts at Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services to quickly diagnose the problem and recommend efficient sewer line installation or sewer pipe replacement.

We here at Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services know that the area’s drainage systems are complex, which is why our techs are specially trained and use the industry’s most advanced tools and techniques to effect repairs.

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Our diagnostic services take the guesswork out of finding plumbing problems. Call us for more information.

Do You Need Sewer Pipe Replacement? Here’s How to Know

A complete sewage pipe blockage is undoubtedly a cause for concern, but you must also be aware of other signs telling you that there are problems that require the help of a professional plumber, including:

  • The water levels in your toilets fluctuate.
  • You have an unusual amount of animals and rodents coming into your yard.
  • You notice a foul odor of raw sewage in your home.
  • Your yard is soggy, or you see pools of water.
  • The water drains out of sinks, showers, and tubs more slowly than usual.
  • Your pipes make strange noises.
  • You hear gurgling sounds coming from your drains.
  • You notice a spike in your water bill.

It’s not uncommon for some homes in the Oshawa area to go back 100 years, and since most sewer lines last about 25 years, it’s wise to have a professional inspect your plumbing if you’ve not done so yet.

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How We Replace Sewer Lines

Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services uses the industry’s most advanced tools and techniques to quickly and efficiently fix your sewer line problems. We’re proud to offer trenchless pipe bursting when appropriate to avoid expensive and messy excavation of your property. Trenchless bursting is a simple process in which we install new pipes into the old one, then burst the surroundings, and use the space left as a trench.

The trenchless method means there’s no digging involved, and it’s accomplished more quickly than traditional methods that require excavation. Before you decide to replace your sewer line, call us for our expert diagnostic analysis to see if a trenchless repair is right for your situation.

Our sewer camera inspection service gets to the heart of the problem quickly. Contact us for more information!

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For over 6 years, Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services has been the sewer line contractor Oshawa residents call when they need expert sewer line repair. They know we use the latest tools and technologies, and offer industry-leading warranties, which gives them the confidence that the job will be done right the first time and last for as long as possible.

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