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3 Signs of a Frozen Pipe

Warning Signs of Pipes Freezing

Homeowners can do their part to prevent burst pipes this winter by looking for these three common warning signs of a frozen pipe. When water freezes, it expands, which can lead to pressure imbalances and burst pipes during the winter. Homeowners can help prevent frozen pipes by installing pipe installation before freezing temperatures hit. 

Warning signs of plumbing problems should not be ignored. Burst pipes can lead to extensive property damage from water and mold. Homeowners should contact a trusted local plumber whenever the warning signs of frozen pipes are first noticed.  

Low Water Pressure or No Water From Faucetsfaucet

When the water inside of pipes freezes, it can cause pressure imbalances throughout the plumbing system. The inside of the water line can become blocked by layers of ice. As the ice expands, it can eventually cause the pipe to burst. A slow trickle of water from the sink faucet or no water coming out could be a warning sign that ice is blocking water flow. 

The entire home plumbing system is connected, so a frozen pipe in one area can cause water pressure imbalances throughout the whole system. Too much or too little water pressure can cause damage to the plumbing system, so homeowners should reach out to a plumber when they notice this sign. 

Visible Frost on Pipes

If homeowners can see frost visibly forming on the outside of exposed pipes in the garage, attic, or crawlspace, this is a warning sign that the lines are frozen and in danger of bursting from freezing. During the cold winter and early spring, homeowners should regularly inspect any exposed plumbing beneath cabinets or the basement/attic for frost and ice. 

Looking for the warning signs of freezing pipes can save homeowners a ton of money in repairs later. A burst pipe is not the best way to start the new year. Frost on the outside of pipes clearly indicates that they are freezing and need additional insulation to prevent plumbing disasters. 

Sewage Smells 

smellSewer pipes are also susceptible to freezing as they are often located in the basement, under the foundation, and beneath the yard. A burst sewer pipe can be a nightmare for homeowners because of the costly, messy repairs. The smell of sewage inside the home or in the yard can be a warning sign of frozen sewer pipes for homeowners to watch out for. 

Blockages caused by ice can trap wastewater in the pipes beneath the house, causing a stench to come back up the drains. Frozen sewer pipes smell terrible because the ice blocks the path for wastewater from the kitchen and bathroom drains to exit the home into the sewer. Homeowners should never ignore any warning signs of frozen pipes because a burst pipe can be dangerous and cause extensive property damage. 

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