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Don't Allow Leaky Pipes To Ruin a Romantic Evening at Home!

Identifying a Leak Early Can Prevent a Wet Mess

It seems that water leaks come at the very worst times. Trying to enjoy a nice movie marathon? There’s water pooling under the sink. Hoping to enjoy a romantic evening at home for Valentine’s Day? Nice try, but there’s a wet spot on the wall in the bathroom. Water leaks can be hard to identify because the pipes are hidden behind the walls and are often in spots where homeowners don’t usually look. And since they’re hard to spot, they can cause a whole lot of damage before they’re fixed. 

To that end, this article is all about finding, preventing, and dealing with water leaks at home. 

Signs of a Leak in the Home

There are some telltale signs that there’s a water leak that every homeowner should know. Identifying a leak before it causes thousands of dollars in damage is always something to strive for. To do so, know the signs of a leak in the home:

  • A sudden increase in the water bill often indicates a leak.
  • Wet spots or cracks in the walls or ceiling 
  • A reduction in water pressure 
  • Bubbling paint and/or mould growing on floors or ceiling 
  • Warped flooring
  • Strange noises coming from the plumbing, like running or dripping water 

The Dangers of a Water Leak

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Many homeowners think that water leaks are nothing more than an expensive nuisance. And for most of them, this is true. Small leaks or those caught early often pose no physical threat to those in the home. But this is not always the case. In fact, water leaks can be very dangerous - both directly and indirectly. 

The growth of mould is perhaps the most dangerous and common side effect of a water leak. The growth of the dreaded black mould can cause sickness and even death in those who are allergic or have respiratory problems. Sometimes homeowners have to move completely out of the house until the mould is eradicated. 

A serious and unchecked slab leak can pose a danger to the very structure of the home. If water is allowed to leak and pool under the foundation, it can cause the ground to shift, which in turn can cause the home to shift. While this is a slow process that is usually evidenced by cracks crawling up the walls, it’s still a cause for concern and should be dealt with immediately. 

How Professionals Find and Fix Leaks

Other than the signs for identifying a water leak listed above, there are sophisticated ways that plumbers locate leaking pipes— even when they can’t see them. To do this, plumbing techs use a microphone and headphones to use sound to locate a leak. 


Some plumbers even use video equipment to look for leaks underground. This is done using a small camera and a fibre optic cable that can be snaked into the pipe. Sometimes, plumbers use both video and audio to locate and inspect a hidden leak. 

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