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Is That a Running Toilet? Here Are Some Ways to Catch It!

Tips on How to Solve Running Toilet Issues

Catching your toilet... It’s a common joke, but every homeowner knows there is definitely some truth behind it. Running toilets are frustrating, expensive, and even potentially damaging to the home. Luckily, with just a little knowledge, they can be easily fixed or prevented. Don’t let the toilet run away from you, use the following information to catch it!

What Causes A Running Toilet?

reasons behind running toiletsSpoiler alert… this doesn’t have just one, simple answer! Running toilets can happen for a variety of different reasons. However, there are a few causes of running toilets that are more common than others.

One reason toilets keep running after being flushed is related to the flapper. The flapper seals water into the tank of the toilet. When the toilet is flushed, the flapper lifts up and allows water to move out of the tank and into the bowl.

After enough water leaves the toilet bowl, the flapper closes again to re-seal the tank. As the flapper gets older, it also gets more brittle as sediment builds up around it. This means that running toilets happen when the water that is constantly dripping from the tank back into the bowl triggers the filling mechanism.

Another issue that causes running toilets is chain length. If the chain that connects the flush lever and the flapper is the wrong size, it will either not move the flapper up far enough or will move it up too far. Either one allows an incorrect amount of water from the tank to the bowl.

How Can A Running Toilet Be Fixed?

Fixing running toilets starts by correctly identifying the problem. A good place to start is by taking the cover off the tank and watching the toilet go through an entire flush cycle. This will help to visualize what it looks like and to see what, if anything, is going wrong. Once the homeowner has been able to find the problem, fixing it usually involves a simple trip to the hardware store.

fixing running toilets

Both the flapper and the chain are easy for people to replace on their own, even for those with little to no knowledge or experience. To replace the flapper, drain the tank entirely. The old flapper will just need to be detached from the base of the tank as well as from the chain, then the new flapper can be placed the same way.

For the chain, after verifying its the right size, just disconnect the old one and replace the new one. Some chains may even be adjustable and can be made shorter or longer as needed.

Simple Tips to Help Prevent Running Toilets

preventing running toiletsPreventing running toilets is as simple as regular maintenance. Doing routine checks on all the home’s plumbing is a great idea, and these checks should always include the toilet.

Check the flapper for signs of aging, make sure the float is set in the correct position, and monitor the water bill for increases that would suggest water loss.

Having a regular inspection by a trained plumber can also be beneficial, as an experienced set of eyes checking all of the pipes, toilets, sinks, and more can help identify issues before they become larger problems.

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