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Signs of a Residental Water Leak

Detecting Water Leaks

Catching leaks before they develop into significant catastrophes is always preferred whenever possible. The easiest method to achieve this is to be systematic in spotting water leaks and to contact a plumber as soon as a leak is suspected so they can fix them before any damage worsens.

Leaks typically don’t become blatantly obvious until they rupture, resulting in flooding, water damage, or mold. Homeowners must pay attention to the warning signs to prevent these damages and save on the cost of cleaning up those bigger messes.

Even if homeowners don’t suspect that their home has a plumbing leak, it’s always a good idea to stay vigilant and keep their eyes and ears open for signs of a leak. Homeowners don’t want to neglect leaks that may lead to water damage or mold and pose a health risk.

Listen for Hissing or Running Water Sounds

The sound of running or hissing water might keep homeowners awake at night when the house is silent and devoid of noise. Or they may hear hissing or running water during the day when the home is quiet. These water sounds indicate the house has a leak when no plumbing fixtures and appliances are in use. 

Homeowners should ensure all of their faucets and showerheads are off, and washing machines and dishwashers aren’t running. Then if the sounds are still audible, homeowners should contact a professional for leak detection.  

Professionals have several methods they can use to detect leaks. With a digital spectrum analyzer, professionals filter out background noise. It accomplishes this by using various audio filters to block background noise so they can quickly hear the whoosh or hiss of a water leak.

Low Water Pressure

water The home’s water pressure can also be affected by leaks, making it another helpful indicator for homeowners. Leaks allow water and pressure to escape before reaching fixtures, preventing fixtures from receiving their normal water pressure. 

If the low water pressure is present in only one fixture, it’s likely because of a problem with that specific fixture, but when water pressure is lower throughout the home’s fixtures, it’s likely due to a leak. Homeowners should call a plumber as soon as possible when they suspect they have a leak to prevent any damage from worsening.

Higher Water Bills 

billHidden leaks can develop under slabs, floors, ceilings, and behind walls. These leaks can be challenging to find because of their location, making them particularly hazardous since they may result in mold growth, mildew, structural damage, and other problems.

Higher water bills are one of the ways that homeowners can be alerted to a concealed leak. Homeowners should immediately call a plumber if they think there’s a leak in the home. With the right tools and technology, plumbers can quickly find hidden leaks. Once they have located the leak, they can fix it and help water bills return to normal.

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