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Why Backflow Is Scarier Than Any Movie Monster

Knowing the Dangers of Backflow

Backflow is one of the biggest plumbing emergencies a homeowner could deal with, so it’s a word that no one wants to hear. It’s truly the monster of all plumbing monsters. It can lead to a ton of costly repairs from home and plumbing damage, and it can cause some serious health risks to those living in the home.

So what causes this scary plumbing monster to take hold of a home? Backflow occurs when a change in pressure causes the fluid in the pipes to change directions. In other words, the water and waste will start to flow towards the home rather than away from it. This becomes a serious concern when combined with the structure of plumbing systems. Plumbing systems are built with a high number of cross-connections. When water and waste start coming back towards the house, it can enter clean water sources because of these cross-connections, polluting the water as a result.

A Big Mess To Clean up

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Backflow can lead to all sorts of damage to the plumbing system and throughout the rest of the house as well. In the plumbing system, backflow can cause pipes to corrode and leak. Pipe replacement is usually in order when this starts to occur.

As for the rest of the home, backflow can cause water to overflow, damaging carpet or other flooring material as well as baseboards and furniture. Lower levels of the home are especially prone to this type of damage. Replacing these things can add up quickly when looking at all of the repairs that need to be made.

But more importantly, backflow can cause some significant health problems as well. It can even lead to death in severe cases.

Risks To Health

As wastewater enters into the clean water sources that are used for drinking water, taking showers, or washing hands, it becomes polluted. As a result, it can lead to a long list of health concerns. Some of these risks include the following: 

  • Drinking water becomes toxic to consume because it contains waste and chemicals.
  • Severe burns can occur from simply washing hands or taking a shower due to chemicals that exist in the water.
  • The home is at greater risk for fire hazards as various gases, including propane gas, can enter the water main.
  • Diseases and infections become more common as bacteria, and other germs are carried through the water supply. 

Importance of Backflow Testing

If homeowners want to avoid the extensive damage, costly repairs, and serious health problems of backflow, testing becomes an essential part of plumbing maintenance. Initiating regular backflow testing helps homeowners know whether they need to make immediate changes to their plumbing system. 

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Some homeowners may have a backflow prevention device installed in their homes. This can be a great tool to prevent the flow of waste and water from changing directions. However, this device should be checked regularly as well for any potential damage or wear and tear on the device to ensure it is doing its job effectively.

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