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Tree Root Intrusion & Sewer Line Repair in the GTA

Sewer contents provide a steady supply of water and nutrients to trees — so it comes as little surprise that tree roots naturally gravitate towards any tiny cracks or fissures in a damaged sewer line. 

Tree root intrusion is a leading cause of damaged sewer lines. Sewer Squad is a professional plumbing company in the Greater Toronto Area that’s prepared to replace and repair your sewer lines to help protect your pipes from the intrusion of any tree roots.

If you experience signs of tree root intrusion in the Greater Toronto Area — including slow drains, clogged toilets, or a backed-up sewer system — give us a call. We provide 24/7 emergency sewer repair whenever you need us. 

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If tree roots work their way into your plumbing system, you may face larger issues ranging from slow drains to frequent toilet clogs to sewer system backups.

Tree root intrusion and sewer repair go hand in hand because when your sewer pipe has root intrusion, it will need to be repaired ASAP before you are faced with larger plumbing issues. 

It’s important to enlist the help of professionals who are well versed in sewer repair to rectify your sewer problems. Don’t let tree roots get you down! Enlist our help — your pipes will thank you.

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Tree root intrusion is when, quite literally, tree roots find their way into your sewer pipes and create a blockage. 

Invasive tree roots send tiny spider web-like tendrils through the joints in a sewer pipe. Then, over the coming weeks and months, the powerful roots open the gap wider and wider. If left to their own devices, the roots will eventually fill the entire circumference of the pipe. 

The reality is that root intrusion is one of the most serious and common causes of sewer line damage. This is common in Toronto and across the GTA where pipes are made of materials that crack easily. 



Tree roots are strong and grow even stronger in time, which makes sewer line tree root intrusion a problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible. This is why we offer emergency services in Toronto and across the GTA to ensure the problem is solved quickly and efficiently.

We use varying strategies to repair your sewer line and get rid of tree root intrusion:


  • Mechanical Tree Root Removal: A motorized sewer auger cuts through tree roots with rotating blades, sending the fragments down the sewer line so that water can flow freely again.

  • Hydro Jetting: A powerful jet of water is pumped into the drain to break up tree roots and flush them out of the system.

  • Sewer Line Replacement: In some cases, root intrusion is so severe that sewer repair isn’t possible. In this case, you may need to pursue pipe replacement.
  • Trenchless Pipe Bursting: If tree root intrusion has gotten the best of your pipes and you need to replace it altogether, consider our efficient and quick trenchless pipe bursting process. With trenchless technology, we can replace your pipe with minimal excavation.



Once you have your sewer line cleared of invasive tree roots, you will want to keep it that way. Here’s how we help our customers prevent tree root intrusion:

  • Pipe Replacement: Our trenchless pipe bursting services make replacing your pipe easy and relatively mess-free. We will replace your pipe with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping. This HDPE piping is butt fusion-welded and comes with a 30-year warranty — which is more than the average 25-year warranty. Armed with one of our high-quality pipe replacements, you will be better protected from tree root intrusion in the future.
  • Drain Cleaning: Our regular drain cleaning services will help you to keep your pipes free of clogging and will make it easy to spot the signs of tree root intrusion early on.
  • Drain Camera Inspections: To ensure your plumbing remains free of tree roots and other sources of clogs, we recommend scheduling occasional camera inspections. This way, you can uncover small problems and take immediate action before they become severe.
  • Plan Landscaping: If you are going to elevate your landscaping, we suggest planting slow-growing trees on your property and positioning them far away from your main sewer line.

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Sewer line repair is the repair of a leaky or clogged sewer line. If a faulty sewer line is not repaired, you can face serious long term damages to your home.



Sewer line repair is required when a sewer line is broken, cracked, punctured, corroded, leaky, or clogged. A common source of this type of damage is tree root intrusion. That said, you won’t know for sure if root intrusion is the cause of your plumbing issues until you have a drain camera inspection. However, if you have a large tree in your yard, and you keep having trouble with your sewer line, root intrusion is certainly a possibility. Our team of experienced plumbers can diagnose and repair the problem for you so that you can return to having a functioning sewer line and a reliable plumbing system.



A benefit of being located in the Greater Toronto Area is that there are a variety of rebates in place to help homeowners cover the installations, replacements and repairs they need to protect their home from water damage.

From basement flooding to slow drainage to impaired water supply, a lot can go wrong when a home’s plumbing isn’t functioning properly. These rebates for sewer line repair and more make it easier for homeowners to do their due diligence to protect their homes.

Before pursuing professional sewer line repairs, replacements and installations, check out the rebates in your location to see what subsidies you are eligible for.


MARKHAM: Private Plumbing Protection Rebate Program

The City of Markham understands that the city’s older sewer systems weren’t built with today’s standards in mind. This is why it has made moves to help homeowners improve their water systems and better protect their homes from basement flooding. The city has an implemented a Private Plumbing Protection Rebate Program that provides rebates for three specific plumbing protection measures:

  • Backwater Valve Installation
  • Weeping Tile Disconnection and Sump Pump Installation
  • Sanitary and Storm Lateral Relining and Repair

Learn more about the Markham rebates you are eligible for.


TORONTO: Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

The City of Toronto understands how the city’s sewers can be overwhelmed by heavy rainwater, which can lead to basement flooding. Through its Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program, the city offers subsidies for:

  • Backwater Valve Installation
  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Sewer & External Weeping Tile Capping & Severance.

Find out if you are eligible for the City of Toronto’s Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program and how to apply today.


MISSISSAUGA: Foundation Drain Collector (FDC) Sump Pump Subsidy Program

The City of Mississauga has implemented subsidies to help the homeowners who live on streets that are serviced by the municipal foundation drain collector. With these subsidies, homeowners are able to take the precautions necessary to protect their homes from the infiltration of basement water. 

The subsidy helps to cover the cost of sump pump installation to better protect old homes from the impacts of heavy rainwater and other environmental elements. 

Head to the city’s site for more details on eligibility and how to apply for the FDC Sump Pump Subsidy.


PEEL REGION: Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program

Functioning backwater valves help protect your basement from getting flooded with wastewater. Peel Region’s Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program provides eligible homeowners with a sanitary backwater valve rebate of $700.

Learn if you’re eligible for the Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program and how to apply today!


HALTON HILLS: Backwater Valve & Sewer Repair Subsidies

The region of Halton Hills (Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Halton Hills) provides eligible homeowners with two types of rebates. These rebates help eligible homeowners to facilitate plumbing systems that will better protect their homes from basement flooding and other types of damage. 

  • Backwater Valve Installation Subsidy: During heavy rainfall, homes without a functioning backwater valve are at risk of basement flooding and sewer back up. Halton Hills’ Backwater Valve Installation Subsidy helps homeowners to cover the costs of backwater valve installation.
  • Sewer Lateral (pipe) Lining and Repair Subsidy: Sewer pipelines that have cracks, holes and root damage can cause basement flooding. This is because you need a functioning sewer line to ensure that wastewater properly flows from your home to the city’s sewer system. This subsidy will help homeowners cover the costs of these repairs and replacements so that their home is better protected from this type of water damage.



When faced with tree root intrusion and broken pipes, Sewer Squad is your source for sewer line repair in Toronto & the GTA. All you have to do is book an appointment and we’ll take care of the rest!

When we are on our way to provide our professional sewer line repair services, we will send you the profile of the technician who will be helping you, along with their GPS location. It’s like Uber and Lyft, but for your Sewer!

To schedule emergency pipe repair or a camera inspection to check for root intrusion, please contact us at 416-571-8499. We serve Ajax, Scarborough, and other parts of the GTA.

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