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The Value in Having an Expert Plumber you Can Trust

The internet allows us to have an endless amount of information at our fingertips, including when it comes to home repair. There are tons of video tutorials and informative articles out there that teach people how to fix problems that they would normally balk at. With enough browsing, the average homeowner can don a toolbelt and take on a to-do list with confidence.

It’s great that people are learning to be their own handyperson, but the encouragement of DIY can get out of hand very fast. Plumbing is just one of those tasks that you should have a trained professional complete for you. Here are some important reasons why having a trustworthy and affordable plumber in Toronto will be better than tackling plumbing tasks alone.

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The Risks of DIY Are High

The contractor and design expert Brian McCourt rated major plumbing as one of the home improvement projects to never DIY — he advised that complicated tasks should be performed by trained professionals. Other categories on the list were electrical panel work, roof repairs and digging out a basement.

A good portion of the list discourages homeowners from trying these because the risks that come with failure are high. The potential costs that come with making the wrong move or using the wrong tool can be steep.

For instance, installing a major fixture is a time when you should call a plumber for expert assistance — this could be putting in an upgraded toilet into a bathroom or setting up a sink in the laundry room

These are going to be expensive items, so having trained pros at the helm will guarantee that your purchases get the extra care and attention they need. Fixtures like toilets can get cracks in the porcelain when people are too rough with the parts during delivery and installation.

If these installations are happening during a larger renovation, you will want to have a plumber around in case they have to move a supply line for you. We can be there if you need help installing plumbing fixtures so that you can finish your replacement or renovation with a fully-functional fixture that looks just like it did the second you ordered it.

We offer repairs and installations for shower valves, toilets, sinks and faucets for different rooms in the house. Of course, there are cases where people can tackle plumbing problems without having to call in the experts. If there’s a clogged toilet in the bathroom, the first thing you should do is grab your plunger and loosen the blockage by yourself.

During a frigid winter, you can prevent freezing pipes by adding insulation to vulnerable spots like basements, garages and crawlspaces. All you have to do is slip a tube of foam insulation onto the pipe and then firmly tape it shut to keep it protected from the cold. These are simple tasks that don’t require specialized tools and years of training to undertake.


You Lose Out on Time

Time can be just as precious of a commodity as money. When you imagine yourself tackling a home project, you don’t calculate fixing mishaps or questioning what went wrong into your plans. You picture finishing the project in a flash and getting on with the rest of your day, whether it’s taking on other chores or enjoying yourself.

For instance, one of the most popular home plumbing mistakes that people make is taking apart an item to do a simple repair or clean-up and then forgetting how to put the feature back together all over again. Experimenting with the possible answers will take time, especially if you keep getting bad results.

A professional with years of experience under their belt will be able to get through a repair quickly without the guesswork. Calling in an expert means that you can have someone come to your house that day and finish the task in one appointment, instead of wasting the entire weekend. Doing it yourself can risk more than your hard-earned money — it risks your valuable time, as well.


They Have the Right Equipment

While it seems like the contents of your average toolbox can take down any task, it’s not necessarily true. One of the biggest plumbing mistakes DIYers make is not having the right tools for the task at hand and using the wrong ones that they have around as makeshift replacements. Choosing the wrong type of wrench or plier could derail your task and cause irreparable damage.

Part of the reason for this experimental swap is that people don’t collect tools that they don’t use all of the time. Hammers and screwdrivers will be used for multiple projects around the house, but tubing cutters and faucet valve-seat wrenches aren’t.

Creating a specialty plumber’s toolkit is an expensive endeavour, especially for maintenance you won’t be performing on a regular basis. If you’re willing to spend a lot on equipment for the tasks, it will be more effective to divert that spending to hire a professional who already has the essentials.

For instance, one of the rookie plumbing mistakes people make is using regular pliers to remove or tighten fixtures — this everyday tool has teeth to grab onto a surface, which can scratch or dent the chrome finish. Some people will put a rag in between the fixture and the teeth, but it impedes efficiency and can still lead to scrape marks.

A better choice would be a strap wrench, which uses a rubber strap to wind around the fixture and tighten it without damaging the finish. The small mistake could make you frown at your showerhead or sink faucet every time you use it.


 They Can Diagnose the Problem

As stated before, drain clogs can be tackled by the average homeowner without much of an issue. If it’s a toilet, you can get a plunger and pump the water over the drain until the blockage loosens. If it’s a sink, you can try to clear out the drain with liquid cleaner or use a separate plunger to deal with the obstruction.

There are some circumstances where clogs require a plumber’s assistance:

  • • The clogs keep coming back
  • • The clogs won’t come loose
  • • It smells like sewage or rotten eggs
  • • This is happening to more than one drain in the house

Most people turn to store-bought liquid drain cleaners when there is a sink clog that doesn’t seem to go away. The solution is understandable, but harsh chemical cleaners can damage your pipes and they emit fumes that are unhealthy to breathe in.

The greatest fault of liquid drain cleaners is that they don’t always work. They aren’t designed to take down every type of obstruction that’s sitting in a drain. While it may work on a collection of food scraps, it can’t take down a tangle of hair or a blockage of tree roots.

A professional can find out the exact cause for the clog so that they can determine the right way to fix it. We have sewer cameras with HD-like picture quality to inspect household drains and find the specific location and source of the blockage.

Identifying the problem makes it far easier to solve. For a tree root invasion, the cracked pipe will have to be removed and replaced. For hair trapped inside of the shower drain, a simple drain snake can get the entire nest out.

We also offer a maintenance program where we treat a drain with environmentally-friendly products on a monthly basis to get it in exceptional condition. A plumber will use their training and their sewer cameras to figure out the right clog-removal technique because they understand the importance of getting your drains cleaned in a hurry.


They Are Tried and True

When you invest in a service, you want to know that you aren’t the first one who has ever tried it. You don’t want to go to a restaurant where no has even tasted a dish from the menu or go to a hairdresser that has never had a client before.

When businesses have proof of good service and happy customers, you feel more confident about hiring them. You want evidence that there were people in a similar situation who were looking to hire a plumber in Toronto and who finished their appointments pleased with their customer experience.

 If you explore our website, you can find proof that a large number of our customers rate us highly on the quality and price of their experience. You can check out these testimonials describing the plumbing trouble that they had and how the experts managed to solve the problem in a short amount of time. The long list of appreciative clients can put any concerns or anxieties at ease.

Do-it-yourself projects are great when it comes to things that won’t have major consequences. Your plumbing is a crucial home feature that you don’t want to damage if you can help it. In a lot of cases, it’s better to call up a professional the first time instead of having them fix up a problem later down the line.

expert plumbing

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