Uxbridge 24 Hour Plumbing Services

Here in Uxbridge, residents need a plumbing company they can count on to be there in a pinch; that’s why they rely on Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services time and again for 24-hour emergency help.

At Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services, we know how unsettling it is to have a plumbing failure or disaster to deal with. Be it a burst pipe or an overflowing toilet, sometimes you can’t wait for an appointment and you need help now. When time is of the essence, you can trust our technicians to be ready to come to the rescue any time day or night. Contact us when you need immediate plumbing repair.

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When to Call for 24 Hour Plumbing Repair

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save a few bucks and fix plumbing problems yourself. However, some plumbing issues require help now because the longer you wait, the greater the damage. So, what constitutes a plumbing emergency?

  • Flooding: If there is a flood risk because of a burst pipe or failed sump pump, you must call for immediate assistance to keep damage to your home to a minimum.
  • Sewage Backup: When sewage backs up into the home, it creates a health hazard to you and your family.
  • No Water: No water or reduced water pressure makes life in the home difficult not being able to wash, cook, or use the bathroom.

If you suffer from any of the above plumbing nightmares, or any other situation that requires help right now, call us for our 24-hour emergency service. We’re available nights and weekends and don’t charge extra for after-hours service.

Our Drain Cleaning & Rooter Service

Most Uxbridge residents don’t think about their sinks and drains until there’s a problem, but did you know that regular maintenance is recommended to keep them free-flowing and to increase their lifespan? Here are some benefits to regular drain cleaning:

  • Eliminates Clogs & Slow Drains: Over time, food debris, waste, and mineral deposits build up along the walls of your plumbing, which results in water draining more slowly and eventually not at all. Regular drain cleaning eliminates this problem.
  • Prevents Foul Odours: Have you ever noticed a rotten smell coming out of your sink? This happens when food debris and other waste rots. Unfortunately, pouring scented chemicals down the drain only masks the problem. To get rid of it once and for all, you need professional drain cleaning.
  • Increases Lifespan: Like any other system, well cared for and maintained plumbing makes it last longer and maintains your home’s value if you decide to sell it.
  • Creates a Healthier Environment: Clogs in drains and pipes lead to standing water, which in turn leads to the growth of bacteria and mould. To get rid of these pathogen breeding grounds, call a professional for regular drain cleaning services.

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Sewer Line Services

A problem with the main sewer line to your home spells trouble for the entire plumbing system, unfortunately, most people don’t know they have a problem until it’s too late.

With many homes connected to old clay pipes here in the Uxbridge area, main sewer line issues are becoming more common. When you have trouble in your main sewer line, you need a plumbing company with years of experience to fix it right the first time.

At Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services, we offer a full line of sewer repair services including:

  • Sewer repair
  • Sewer installation
  • Sewer pipe relining
  • Repiping
  • Trenchless pipe repair
  • Sewer camera inspection

Whether it’s blocked drains or any other plumbing issue, you can count on our years of expertise. Contact us at 289-203-7018 for service in Uxbridge!