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Why are Roots a Problem for Sewer Lines?

Every household has an intricate plumbing system. It supplies your home with fresh water and drains out the unsanitary sewage water.

This system constantly faces many threats. These threats can put your entire property at risk, from clogged toilets to sewage backup and collapsed pipes.
There are many reasons why that would happen. And one of the most insidious causes is the invasion of tree roots in sewer lines.

Why Does Root Intrusion Occur?

The unhygienic black water harmful to human health is exactly what trees require to grow and thrive. Since sewage water contains organic compounds, oxygen, vital nutrients, and moisture, it serves as a limitless supply of nourishment for the roots.

Sensing the vapour coming out of drain holes and cracks, roots naturally gravitate towards it. Using the gaps available in the damaged pipes, tree roots make their way into your home’s sewage system. And it all goes downhill from here.

It’s called ‘intrusion’ for a reason. They take over your property’s plumbing system and work their way inside. What makes the matter worse is that many Canadian homes have older clay pipes that are more prone to damage than their newer PVC counterparts.

What Happens After Root Intrusion?

An aggressive tree root invasion won’t spare even PVC or steel pipes. Often, homeowners don’t find out about the intrusion until too late. They end up replacing the lines altogether, which is always a costlier option than repair.

However, sometimes, it becomes the only option. In either case, it’s wise to call a licensed plumbing service like Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services. We will conduct a thorough drain inspection, clear and repair it, or replace it if required. Moreover, we will take steps to prevent tree root intrusion in the future.

Here are a few of the things that happen after roots get into your sewer pipes:

  • Water flow blockage
  • Pipe damage
  • Sewage backup in toilets/basement
  • Unhealthy conditions for your family

Signs of Root Damage in Pipes

There are a few warning signs that the roots of a nearby tree have infiltrated your plumbing system. If not addressed immediately, it could lead to more significant problems.

Some of those include:
Clogged drains: Since tree roots do not allow sewage water to drain correctly, you will begin to notice clogged or slow draining tubs or sinks in your kitchen, bathroom, and elsewhere. Drains don’t get clogged out of the blue. It takes a certain amount of time until roots start affecting the drainage system. Hence, when it does happen, you must call a plumber immediately.

Sewer odours: This is a natural consequence of black water not being drained effectively. Anti-clog agents might temporarily solve the problem but won’t remove the entire root infiltration, repair damaged pipes, or remove them. For this reason, root intrusion needs to be inspected and dealt with professionally.

Gurgle sounds: If you hear gurgle sounds right after flushing your toilet, it’s most likely due to root infiltration.
Collapsed pipes: When the sewage pipes collapse entirely, you are facing a backed-up toilet or drain. This is essentially a cry for help.
Sinkholes: An advanced warning sign, sinkholes indicate severe tree root infiltration. It can even pose a risk for your home’s foundation. At this point, don’t take matters into your own hands.

Now comes the big question.

How to Tackle Tree Root Invasion?

To prevent the infiltration of roots:
Ensure regular inspection and maintenance: Routine inspection and maintenance of your drain pipes are available at an affordable cost. Should the issue be a big one, Sewer Squad’s financing options for homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area will help cushion the blow.

Recognize the warning signs: Now, some clogs are infrequent and may not pose much of a problem. However, if drains are frequently clogging, it’s time to contact a licensed plumbing service.

After the roots have already invaded your pipes:
Repairing and replacing pipes is the forte of trained, certified plumbers. They use the latest technology, such as camera probe inspection, trenchless pipe repair, cured-in-place piping (CIPP), and hydro jetting.

Give Us a Call!
Tree root invasion is a common cause of clogged or damaged sewer pipes. It can destroy your home’s entire plumbing system by spreading through the lines.
Since getting rid of tree roots and repairing/replacing the pipes doesn’t fall under the expertise of homeowners, it’s best to contact a reliable plumbing service like Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services.

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