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Why you Should have a Plumbing Inspection Before Buying a Home

Your dream of having a permanent address is finally becoming a reality. You love the house – it has everything you ever wanted.

A large kitchen, a beautiful patio, a separate laundry room, or perhaps a double kitchen sink! The home inspector has given a green signal too.

What could ever go wrong?

Well, everything - if you don’t schedule a plumbing inspection.

What’s wrong with a regular home inspection?

Nothing at all. In fact, you should start with a regular home inspection before buying the property. Any visible leakage or signs of moisture can be easily caught during an inspection. However, that’s as far as it goes.

A regular home inspection doesn’t uncover more serious (and costly!) plumbing incidents waiting to happen. You may be standing in knee-deep sewage water in the basement three months after moving in!

No one wants or deserves that. Carrying out a plumbing inspection might seem too much or too expensive at this point when you have to pay the closing costs, legal fees, and moving expenses.

But be warned. An extensive plumbing repair (like replacing the water heater or addressing tree root intrusion) can break the bank and disrupt your peace of mind.

What’s special about a plumbing inspection?

Ponder upon these questions:

Would you ever visit a general physician for a dental problem?

Or perhaps a cardiologist for a piercing pain in your back?

Obviously, no. Like your body, a house has different systems, and plumbing is essential. To diagnose issues with plumbing (and to treat them), you need trained, certified, licensed, and experienced plumbing professionals.

Unlike home inspectors, these plumbing professionals have access to specialized equipment, such as:

With their rich experience and modern technology, plumbing experts can identify hidden leaks or damage, which will likely be missed during a home inspection.

What happens during a plumbing inspection?

Trained plumbing professionals from licensed companies like Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services check the following during a plumbing inspection:

  • Main sewer line: The previous homeowners may not be aware of a clogged sewer line. And the symptoms usually show up when the problem worsens, such as backed-up water in the bathtub or toilet. A meticulous sewer line inspection can catch the disease before it spreads. The causes of a clogged sewer line include tree roots, grease, old or weak pipes, and other debris.
  • Water heater: Replacing a water heater is expensive. This is why you need to have a plumbing inspection so that licensed experts can evaluate the condition of your water heater. They will check for signs of corrosion, water damage, and leaks. All these potential issues can negatively affect the water heater’s efficiency. This becomes even more necessary if you’re buying an older property because water heaters generally last 10-12 years.
  • Pipes: One of the most common plumbing problems is a leaking pipe. And you can’t afford to have that in the below-freezing temperature of Canada. Leaky pipes can lead to corrosion, water damage, and mould growth. Hence, every plumbing inspection involves an exhaustive analysis of pipes & water lines running inside and outside the property.

The plumbing expert also inspects the water quality, septic tank, toilets, bathtubs, drain issues, faucets, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, vents, gate valve, etc.

Professional plumbers don’t leave anything to chance!

What happens after a plumbing inspection?

If the property’s plumbing system is in good health, you can start packing.

If not, these are your options:

  • You now have the upper hand in negotiations. Communicate with your realtor, who might then negotiate a discounted price for your new home.
  • You can request the seller to pay for or complete the repairs.
  • You can search for a different property

The third option can be challenging, given that your heart might be set on the house. However, if the seller doesn’t agree to work with you, you may need to move on. After all, it’s one of the most significant investments of your life!

Found your home sweet home?

Well, don’t move in just yet!

Contact Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services for a thorough plumbing inspection. Call 416-571-8499. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make!

We are a licensed plumbing company in Canada and have been solving plumbing problems of the Greater Toronto Area residents for more than two decades.

No matter the time or day – we are here for you 24/7!